Burn The Witch


Burn The Witch

Hell-o Ghoulies!

♫♪ TUNES ♪♫

How’s the new year treating you so far? I hope you are well & doing good!

Please excuse the crappy quality of the pictures, but as I already mentioned in one of my previous posts – My memory doesn’t work well with SL anymore, so I had to reduce all of my graphics to a bare minimum. :/
I hope I will be able to get me a new PC sometime soon, so everything will be looking nice & smooth again.

So I had a little moment at the current round of We ♥ RP.
Goth1c0 released this beautiful Cloak I HAD to get my claws on. 😀 I also went all squeaky on the “Floki” Make Up, because I am a HUGE “Vikings” fan & I always love me some Floki action. ^_^ Moreover it’s 25% off as well as the Staff I am wearing. So definitely worth a visit.

Burn The Witch


Eyes: r.M. – Salvatore Eyes
Cloak: Goth1c0 – Hecate Long Cloak [available @ We ♥ RP]
Hair: Truth – Jessie

Bracelets: MG – Starry Starry Night & Bridgets Faith Heart
Earrings: r.M. – Abaddon Earrings
Staff: Goth1c0 – Dark Moon Staff [available @ We ♥ RP]
Necklace: Pixel Box – Barbed Wire [part of a set]

Make Up: Goth1c0 – Floki [available @ We ♥ RP]
Wound: Repulse – Lobotomy v2

Dear Creators…


Event culture is decreasing the life span of SL & will ultimately lead to it’s premature demise.


1. There are no longer any creative & interesting store sims/builds left to explore as no one actually has time to build them. Nor do they have any reason to, since they no longer release anything new at their main stores.

2. Creators are now working harder than ever for less money than ever. The shelf life of items has been decreased by the constant output of content, therefore prices have dropped to match.

3. SL is now heavily commercialized – A cash cow for many. People log on solely to collect stuff they will not get any entertainment out of. Creators log in to upload & put their items on sale, then log off immediately to work, in order to meet another deadline.

4. All dressed up with nowhere to go. Who’s gonna hang out at a laggy event venue? Can’t hang out at store sims either, since nobody’s actually there. Where else can you go that isn’t a club?

5. A lot of people say this is their “livelihood” but do not put anything back into SL. You want to make money here, but you don’t want to put any money back in SL, to ensure people who join this game actually have a reason to stay. Nobody’s gonna stick around just to shop. Why? Because I could do the same thing in “The Sims”, for free!

6. “Main store releases are no longer viable!”
If you suddenly decide to release something at your main store after years of releasing exclusively at events, it will not do as well as it used to right off the bat. You have to stick with it, let people know that main store releases are a thing again! Take a look at which store sims are always full.
Hint: It’s the ones that do mainstore releases.

7. It’s not in Linden Labs hands to get people to join & stay in SL. Linden Lab does not create content. This world was fully created by its users, so if no new people are joining, it’s on the users, not Linden Lab!
Take a long, hard look on SL – Would YOU join it, in its current state?

8. If you like your job as a creator in SL, RESPECT this game. Put money & time back in SL & not just your creations. Make sure new people want to join AND stay. Yes, this IS your responsibility. Linden Lab cannot make people stay if there isn’t anything interesting to do in here.

9. People are always complaining about events & gachas but don’t do anything to change this current culture.
Don’t like shopping at events? Stop! – Let your favorite creators know you would like them to release at their mainstores again.
You don’t like creating for events? Stop! (gradually) – If you need other stores to uplift you & get your store noticed, band togehter with other creators. Buy a sim together, split the costs. Stick to it & it will pay off. If customers can only get products at the mainstores, that’s where they will go!


Anyone remember Albero? Pookie Promenade? Starlust? Cupcake?
This has worked in the past & it will work again!

Let people know fun & immersive mainstore sims are back. Creators, stick together – You have the power to change this!

If this is your livelihood, then make sure it is a viable one for as long as it can possibly be. It’s up to the users of Second Life to ensure its longevity. Put money & time back into SL, not exclusively products you can profit off of.


Thank you.
As you where!

Happy New Year!


Hell-o Ghoulies!

I just wanted to wish you a very happy & healthy new year. 🙂

A new journey.

2016 was a very tough road for me. I had to deal with a lot of bullshit & also lost my beloved grandfather, which really knocked me down.
Moreover my computer started to decide, that it doesn’t want to have enough memory to use SL properly anymore. All I can do is to stay in low-lag areas with almost no avatars around, or I am getting this lovely message: “Textures discarded due to insufficient memory” followed by a few numbers & an inevitable crash. Hooray! \o/
And yes, I’ve tried EVERYTHING on this problem & nothing is working. Soo.. I might have to save some money to get me a new PC sometime this year. ~bleh~

So that’s just a little heads up on what was/is going on around me.
I hope 2017 will finally bring some peace, because I really need a little break from all this crap happening to me lately. I also hope that this year will bring much joy to you guys & that none of you will get hurt during this journey.

All the best;



I need to rant…

The invention of mesh bodies & mesh heads is all good & shit. I mean hey, no more edgy boobs or legs on your avi. Everything looks nice and smooth. So definitely a thumbs up for this.


There are still people out there who DON’T want to buy an overpriced head or body, just to look like everyone else.
So dear creators out there – Why in the heavens did you stop including simple tattoo layers to your new makeup creations? Why did you stop including standard mesh sizes to your new dress/shirt/pants etc.?! Why did you stop releasing simple skins? Just WHY?! What’s the deal, yo?!

I’ve tried several mesh heads, but I just can’t find one which I really like & I really don’t want to waste a shitload of Lindens on an ugly face which just doesn’t look like me. I just DON’T!
I was pissed enough that I was FORCED to buy a fucking mesh body, just so I can buy new clothes, because none of you creators are including standard sizes anymore. And being forced to do something in a frikkin’ ONLINE GAME is just plain bullshit!
I’ve read a lot of blogs & saw a lot of comments of people having the same opinion. You are ruining the fun on SL for people here.
Same goes for gachas… But that’s on a different page.

So please, PLEASE dear creators;
put your standard sizes back in your box. Include a simple tattoo layer to your tattoo & makeup creations. It’s not that hard.


She Owns The Nite


Hell-o Devilheads!

♫♪ TUNES ♪♫

Is this thing still on?! ó.ò

A little entry never killed noboy, huh?
So here I am in all my glory. xD I am not even sure if I still remember how this all works. Honestly been a while since I did this, so let’s try…

She Owns The Nite


Heels: Azoury – Ghostlike
Dress: Cynful – Doppelganger Dress [new @ C88]
Hair: Spellbound – Asylum [old Group Gift]

Choker: Zenith – Muted Coven Collar
Make-Up & Eyes: NOX – Asylum / Decay Lip

Location: No Salvation Cemetery

It’s A Beautiful Day…


…for some skydiving action! \o/

What a nice day for some skydiving.

Oskar & I were super bored these days, so we decided to bring some action in our SL. He had this super awesome idea to go skydiving & hell yea, it was SO much fun!! 😀
He simply rezzed a little platform somewhere up in the sky, handed me this parachute, told me to wear it & before I even knew what’s going on, he did the countdown. :O I “flew” through a lot of clouds for a very long time, before I was able to see the ground & suddenly I reminded that one question I forgot to ask before we were jumping off of that god damn platform… How in the heavens do I open this chute?! @_@”
Well, turned out that I forgot to add a little HUD where you can click to open.. ~ahem~ But it was such a funny image as suddenly Oskar came back up a little, as soon as he opened his parachute & I just “flew” past him & kept falling & screaming until I smashed to the ground… xDD ~lawl~

So yes, it definitely was a fun day!
I really need more of them again in the future. I’ve noticed that I kind of miss those old SL days, where you just log in & all of your friends are online, ready to kick some arse or just hang out, relax & talk a lot of crap while you are sitting in a shopping cart with a big ass fork in your hand. :’D


One Last Dance


So, yesterday was one of my best evenings ever on SL.
I had a “date” with my old friend Damian, since he popped his head back online after a long period of absence. ~yay~ \o/ I actually felt like a little child on christmas eve, because I haven’t seen him, nor have I heard of him ever since..

He was & always will be one of those special human beings one can have in their life.
He was there when I needed him the most & kept his distance whenever I had the urge to be at my own.
He is one of those people who are able to touch your heart & soul even outside of this virtual world.

So these are just a few reasons of why I was so happy to finally see him again. We kicked back & had some looong conversations about almost everything, before we decided to have a little dance on my front porch, enjoying the virtual sunset together. ❤

Thank you, Cookie, for this very special & unexpected evening.
You’ve made me one happy muffin. ^_^ ♥

You got me livin’ only for the night
Before the morning comes, the story’s told
Another night, another day goes by
I never stop myself to wonder why
You help me to forget to play my role
You take my self, you take my self control

~:. One Last Dance .:~

I’m Back!


Don't Fear The Reaper

Well.. More or less. xD Did you miss me?
I know it’s been some time. My RL changed A LOT & with the moving I, myself, became a whole big mess. True, my break was a lil’ longer than anticipated, but just what I needed.
But today is the day where I kinda missed some SL action, so I thought I should wipe off the cobwebs of this lil’ fella & type some words. ^_^ I can’t & won’t promise that this will happen on a regular basis again, but for now I actually CAN tell that -whenever I feel like blogging- I will do so.

So how have you guys been? I hope you all had a wonderful summer & arrived in autumn safe & sound. As you can tell, my summer was chaotic. I had a lot of ups & downs & almost was at the point to just give up & move my ass back again because of massive homesickness. It’s still not quite over yet, but I’ll try to do my best & stay strong, because that’s what I always do…

Buuuuut anyways.. I really need to catch up on lotsa new stuffs inworld! I’ve missed a lot of events during the past 4 months & really HATE when you’re not able to grab some of those items later on, because they were fukkin limited editions. 😡 This happened to me last week when I saw this one specific item on a blog post & I went all *WEEEE!!!* on it. Well.. It was no longer available & to act out of spite I logged out of SL again. ~lol~ So, if there are some super cool events going on right now or even upcoming – LET ME KNOW! Purdy please. Everything dark, strange, goth, horror […] is welcome.

Don't Fear The Reaper


Eyes: Brixley – Divine Eyes
Heels: :FY: – Sadistic Heels
Outfit: Foxes – The Craft
Hair: Besom – Jade

Clutch: Reign – Clutch Pouch
Anklet: Kosh – Sun Anklet
Tattoos: Elska – Mon Petite Chat / Part Of The Sea



Hell-o Filthlings!

Just a little update on the current “break-situation”.
Soo I told you guys that my RL needed some well-earned attention. Well, smack my ass & call me Sally! I guess I gave that fucker a little too much, because right now I am in the middle of moving. xD Who’d have thought…
So yea, here’s the thing – I won’t have my PC with me for the first couple of weeks, so I will not be able to log in AT ALL. So please don’t call the cops – I’m not dead, I didn’t get kidnapped. I am alive & well & just plain fucking busy! ^_^”

I hope you guys are doing good as well & each & everyone of you is enjoying summer. Please take good care of yourselfs.




Hey Guys!

As you’ve probably already noticed, I am lacking on entries since a while now & I rarely log into SL anymore. Well, the thing is that my RL became a lot more interesting & important. And I want to focus on it as much as I can. So I guess it is time to put this little fella to sleep for a while – Until I feel the urge to blog again.
I’m sure you guys can understand, because RL is much more important than SL will ever be & it’ll always come first.

I’m NOT leaving SL completely. I’ll pop my head in from time to time & you are more than welcome to say hi, if you are able to catch me.

See ya on the flipside!

Take care everyone. ~bloody hugs~ ♥